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The Latest Don’t Mess With Kansiime Episode Will Leave You Thrilled

If you weren’t a comedy fan you’re about to be, the latest Don’t Mess With Kansiime episode will leave you with some ‘cracked ribs.’

People usually tend to have poor communication skills, especially when it comes to checking on their sick loved ones or friends. Instead of asking how you are, most people if am not mistaken tend to ask how is the sickness? This may seem to be okay or easily passable as a greeting, but really think about the question, has it sunk in, no?

Well, in a new comedy Anne Kansiime really exposed how dumb that question is. As she sat on her balcony sipping tea, the comedienne is visited by the friend who made the error of asking the wrong question ‘How is the sickness?’ What followed next would leave you cracked up on the floor. She unraveled it was like the kraken had been let loose.

Don't mess with Kansiime

Don’t mess with Kansiime

Spoiler alert: Kansiime asked her friend if she had to come see if the malaria had improved to cancer or to diabetes. ‘Have you come to check on the malaria or to check on me.’ But due to fear of spoiling the whole clip for you, just watch the episode below and let us know what you think. And if you are one of the victims of that phrase, you definitely know what to do next time.

Please note, be careful of the words you choose, if you ever go to see Kansiime when she is sick.

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