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The Making Of Sheebah’s Nipe Yote

We take you behind the making of Sheebah’s nipe yote. No make up, just girls showing off their unique dance moves.

Just when people thought Sheebah couldn’t top her previous songs like ice cream or malidadi, she outed the nipe yote video. The video as has various dance moves that will get you wondering how people come up with all these creative moves.

Sheebah talks to chano8

Sheebah talks to chano8

Chano8 got a chance to interact with star and she said,

‘As you can see am working, leave the make up you see everyday this is sweat time. I love my money and I love you guys, am going to the extreme to do what you don’t see everyday. I want do something special as usual, but this time more special.’

The Ugandan music industry is becoming more and more competitive every passing minute. It’s getting to that level where if you can’t step up to plate, you will be left behind and unfortunately some artists have already fallen off the race to the top.

Sheebah who is known for her electric dance moves and palpable stage performance released the nipe yote video a few weeks ago, many fans or should I say Sheebaholics were rather ecstatic and quick to praise her with most of them saying ‘this is a great video.’

Have a look at the dance rehearsals below.

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