The Maurice Kirya Experience That Left Fans Yearning For More

Maurice Kirya served his fans with his ‘Mwoyo’ experience at the Kirya Live 2018 concert on Friday night at the Kampala Serena Hotel. However he left his fans yearning for more as his one  half hour performance seemed to have ended abruptly at 11 PM, a full one hour earlier compared to most concerts that end at midnight.

The performances kicked off at 8;30 pm with some bit of confusion as fans sitting at the ordinary section were cordoned off and instead a large space was left near the stage for the fans to dance or just watch while standing.

Shifa Musisi dressed in a yellow skirt and green top opened it with ‘Owo Luganda’ as she strummed her guitar with heavy percussion of Luganda traditional beats accompanying it before concluding with ‘Mukyalo’ a song about her village

By the time Musisi finished her performance, the complaints had grown from mummers angry chants as fans demanded the boards to be removed. To make matters worse, Club Pilsener, the official sponsors reportedly gave beers to everyone who entered but were only served at the VIP section.

Shifa Musis lost into her music as she pours out her heart

The ladies had a blast on Friday as they enjoyed the performances

“For whom are they organizing the event?” Asked an irate fan who sounded pissed off when a waitress tried to explain that it was the organisers who insisted on having it that way. Another one just started yelling ‘people power, our power’ a slogan associated with opposition politicians led by Bobi Wine and his supporters.

So when The Body of Brian stepped on stage, organisers and management of Serena had finally yielded to the pressure and removed the boards. This is when Afrie then stepped on stage and used a keyboard to perform.

Next was JC Muyonjo who like others also performed with a guitar on the lit stage put together by Fenon Records.

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The VIP section also looked pretty decent in terms of the turn up

That was it with the curtain raisers as the man of the night Maurice Kirya walked on stage by 9:35 pm dressed in a yellow jumper, a grey headsock and black jeans. He was introduced in a unique manner by a singing lady instead of usual MCs amidst loud cheers from the crowd mainly comprising of ladies.

He kicked off with the song ‘Headmaster’ and continued the session nonstop with songs like ‘If My Lungs Don’t’, ‘Dreams Are Free’, ‘Misubaawa’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Angel Carried’ and continued engaging the crowd as he taught them a few lines of his new songs which he asked them to sing along.

Maurice Kirya interacts with fans as he joins them on the dance floor. 

The next session had songs like ‘The Blue Dress’, ‘Cripping’, ‘Heart Back’, ‘Love Me Now’, and the popular ‘Boda Boda’. Just like the curtain raisers (Apart from Afrie on the keyboard) he also passionately plucked into his guitar and occasionally joined the fans down the dance floor.

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In the last session, he sang songs like ‘Mulembe’, ‘Insane’, ‘Never Been Loved’, before concluding with ‘Busabala’ and ‘Nze Ani’. So, when he bid the farewell to the crowd at 11 pm sharp, they remained rooted in the same spot as they could not believe the show had actually ended.

Kirya also gave the fans a chance to sing some of the choruses



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