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“The Media Should Help Government Put Out Issues”- Bakri

The recent and highly anticipated general elections are now history and the final results were announced on Saturday the 20th of February 2016. Incumbent president HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni emerged as the overall winner and this left a few members of the opposition unsatisfied with the results.

However, there are still non- violent means aggrieved losers are advised to raise their complaints from which is at the courts of law. Meanwhile as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) celebrates the victory, Kampala City is back to usual activity. RnB and Dancehall artiste Bakri of the ’18 and Over’ song Fame is one who doesn’t want to see his fellow country men and women being taken and exploited by this whole election season.

bakri 4

RnB and Dancehall artiste Bakri

“Advice is to work together, there so many vast opinions which differ and also agree but we have to strive for the future and it takes collective responsibility. Let’s resort to positive media which is a key tool of hearing in the country. The media should help the government to put out issues and vice versa, for example if the Mps are not working, the media should pin them because the president might be blamed for most things but reality is, he can’t keep track up to LC level so I think media is the voice for us the citizens”. Bakri told Chano8.


Bakri advises Uganda to stay calm and work together

Artistes are some of the influential people in the country because of the big fan base and followers they have, sometimes what they say or do is always taken seriously and we hope the people get to hear out Bakri’s advice and go by it.

“We have to work hard, on the bright side, Uganda is a free country, there is peace and now we need to continue striving and double our efforts.” Bakri concluded.

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