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The Mind Blowing Effect Of Irene Ntale And Sheebah’s Otubatisa Song

When Uganda’s top divas hit the studio and record a track together, most fans wait to see the outcome, will it be a massive sensation or a flop or will it end up in a cat fight like it has often been in the past. So when Irene Ntale and Sheebah who are undoubtedly one of Uganda’s finest collaborated, even though their styles are little quite different, one could say they were cut from the same cloth. From the elegance to their electrifying performances, it’s very hard to separate the two divas.

Irene Ntale and Sheebah just look stunning

Irene Ntale and Sheebah just look stunning

When they released their Otubatisa song, it’s like the Ugandan music industry and its fan base froze for a minute, ‘wait did Irene Ntale and Sheebah just release a collabo’ they pondered wondering what to make of it. Some Celebrity fans like Patrick Salvado couldn’t help himself as he said the chills the song gave him, were like none other.

‘It’s not everyday that a Ugandan song gives me goosebumps Jooooo my dear Irene Ntale this track feat Sheebah has just done that Mamammamamama what a collabo, he said.

Fans, on the other hand, were too excited and I don’t think the words that define their excitement have been invented yet, yes, the effect was that real. If that wasn’t enough, Irene Ntale started sharing pictures when she’s with Sheebah, boy oh boy is all I can manage to say while one excited fan directly translated his words from his mother tongue saying ‘they look together,’ I think he was at a loss of words.

The effect of Otubatisa is simply mind blowing and yet it was only released last week. One wonders what will happen when the video is released, Ugandans may go crazy it may even top the excitement that circulated when Flavia Tumusiime was announced the new NTV news anchor. But like they say, the future is a mystery, so I guess time will tell.

Listen the audio of Otubatisa below.

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