The Mith Impresses As A Ka Dope Makes Strong Fusion Return

A Ka Dope, a multi-art show that took a hiatus earlier this year, returned over the weekend with its seventh season and did nothing but steal hearts.

Dubbed the A Ka Dope Fusion, the Uganda Waragi – sponsored collaborative experience featured the legendary Tom Mayanja, popularly known on the Ugandan music scene as The Mith as mentor to upcoming artists Riddym 256, a young dancehall king; Lamu, a vocal powerhouse and one of the ambassadors selected for Mr. Eazi’s Empawa Project; and Shirley May, an upcoming rapper and nominee at the UG Hip Hop Awards stole hearts at the show.

The A Ka Dope band as usual provided the backup vocals t o the guest performers

The A Ka Dope band brought on the energy and set the pace for the performances that turned out to be hearty and engaging; filled with renditions of oldies from way back. When The Mith finally stepped on stage to perform collabos with the individual artistes, the crowd went into overdrive.

The Mith doing his thing at A Ka Dope

This season of the show will feature three episodes, all of which shall be headlined by a Mentor Artist whose role is to support the growth and development of the upcoming performer. At the end of the season, all three episodes will battle it out to select a winner. The finale will be held in December this year.

And then the fans got on their feet.


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