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The Pablo Live Reloaded Comedy Show Changes TV Station

Do you remember the famous Pablo Live show hosted by comedian Pablo which was one of the best shows that used to air on WBS TV a couple of years back? Wondering why it airs no more? Well, It is officially back and this time round it is reloaded, big and better than before.

Effective this Sunday the 20th of March 2016, ‘The Pablo Live Reloaded’ comedy show will always air on NBS TV at 8PM. Chano8 contacted Pablo for a comment and this is what he had to say.

Pablo new

Pablo ready to Bring back hilarious, fresh and clean comedy back on TV

“It is going to be a pre recorded show but it’s a cock tail that has different segments that highlight different things we do in the show. We shall also highlight on the things that are trending on social media and we shall have segment for an international comedian likes of Gordon, Klint Da Drunk, Dr Ofweneke among many others.”

“The beauty about this is that it is a family show, no parental guidance is needed and it’s 100% clean humour. We have a segment where our band called Bratha will be playing. At least there is something for everyone.” Pablo added.



To the comedy lovers, your favourite comedy TV show is back and those who can’t afford to catch it live at whatever venues they will be at, be sure to watch the whole action on NBS TV every Sunday at 8pm on your TV set.

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