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The Real Reason GNL Zamba Is In California

Hip hop star GNL Zamba who is currently in California, USA recently told Chano8 that one of the main reasons he’s there, is because he is recording his new album ‘dreaming in color’ with his new management.

‘The dreaming in color project has grown in production and scope,’ he said.

He further revealed that he will be jetting back into the country at the end of summer which is late September.

GNL Zamba talks about his dreaming in color album.

GNL Zamba talks about his dreaming in color album.

A few months ago, the Luga flow rapper also revealed to Chano8 that Hip-Hop stars have always made money in the industry. He was responding to a question about the growth of the music industry and Hip-hop in particular and whether it is finally paying to be an artiste.

The ‘Kinkankane’ artiste also known as ‘The Caesar’ by his fans explained that, most Hip-Hop artistes make a lot of money through other avenues like product endorsements, advertising and Album sales unlike artistes in other genres who mostly depend on ‘Bivulus’ or concerts. The same sentiments were echoed by his former colleagues Mun-G and Big Trill in recent interviews.

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