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The Ripped Jeans Fashion Trend Takes Over Kampala.

Several fashion trends come and go. But then some stay longer than others. The first time you see someone putting on ripped jeans, you may perceive it as  a wardrobe malfunction but take it from me. These days, ripped is the new cool.

Rocking a casual look

Rocking a casual look. Model: SterioNess

Ripped jeans are jeans with rips, often on the knees. They were popular in the late 1980s during the 1990s and 2000s era, and were worn by  artists such as Kurt Cobain but now they are back with a bang.

All stars and a hoodie coupled with ripped Jeans.

All stars and a hoodie coupled with ripped Jeans.Model: SterioNess

A jacket can compliment the ripped jeans.

A jacket can compliment the ripped jeans. Model: Dennis




Many celebrities near and far have embraced the fashion trend and these include even the likes of Radio and Weasel, APass, Nutty Neithan and other celebrities, . This trend has taken its toll on Uganda social life to the extent that a theme night entitled ripped Jeans Party  is set to take place at the Industrial area based Club Guvnor.

Ripped jeans fashion  can be worn in many fashions as follows:

  • Low waist ripped jeans with a slim fit t-shirt or jersey gives the ideal casual look to carry torn jeans with style. You can team this casual look with a funky belt to get the dirty bad boy look!
  • As torn jeans gives a casual look to the personality, you can wear stylish sandals with t-shirt for the more casual and funky look.
  • You can also wear ripped jeans with a shirt! One men fashion tip before wearing torn jeans with shirt is to go casual even with the shirt. Team up with a boots or sneakers to get the casual and formal mix.
  • Accessorize ripped jeans and t-shirt with a necklace designed for men. The trendy men necklaces with a watch as a pendant are great to accessorize the look.
  • Try teaming up the ripped jeans with a blazer or jacket. Wear a t-shirt inside to get the stylish look.
A formal look achieved

A formal look achieved. Model: Dennis

Ripped jeans is a simple and stylish look. Need not put much effort to enhance the look as the torn jeans can be carried without much accessories so don’t try too hard to dress. The possibilities of pulling off this ripped fashion look  are unlimited. Try to exhaust them.

If you are in need of ripped jeans, you can drop by any classy men’s boutique and get yourself a pair.

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