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The Rolling Stones In Historic Cuba Concert

Following a historic visit of President Obama to Cuba last week, famous British band Rolling Stone followed pursuit yesterday and left fans stunned by their amazing performance.

With thousands of fans filling the Ciudad Deportiva stadium, Jagger who is the Rolling Stones lead man said,

“We know that years ago, it was difficult to listen to our music in Cuba, but now here we are in your beautiful land. “I think that, finally, the times are changing. That’s true, no?”

Rolling Stones treated treated Cuba to spectacular show

Rolling Stones treated treated Cuba to spectacular show

According to the guardian, the crowd roared in agreement. The report further went on to say It was the closest to an overt political statement in the two-hour concert, which some democracy activists feared would be used by the one-party state to perpetuate its hold on power.

The Rolling Stones let their performance speak for itself and avoided criticising the ruling government of Raúl Castro.

The Guardian further reported saying, ‘The band’s frontman was a whirl of energy – strutting like a peacock one moment, shivering like a man possessed the next, he played the audience as if it were just another instrument. Between almost every song, he buttered up the crowd, sharing anecdotes in Spanish and declaring “I knew this would be an unforgettable night”.

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