The Sad Story Of How NTV’s Crysto Panda Lost His Baby Will Surely Grip You

He has been putting up a strong face during his appearances at NV Dance Party yet the truth is presenter Crysto Panda has been hurting deeply and grieving the loss of his beloved baby girl Aylin Danah Nakyanzi who passed on 2 weeks ago.

Not many knew about the story, however when the rest of the world was celebrating Father’s Day, it was a real tough reminder for the young lively presenter who also doubles as a singer.

His detailed and chilling revelation of how he lost the baby left many of his fans and followers frozen in disbelieve just a few days after showering him with congratulatory messages. In fact, it was such messages that triggered off the revelations that sent damning effects into many people’s spines..

“Thank you so much to whoever has wished me a Happy Father’s Day but unfortunately I am so sorry to inform y’all that I lost my daughter two weeks back.” Panda wrote to his fans

Although the news was received with shock and disbelief many have also come out to heap praises for the presenter for his bravery and steadfastness during this really trying moments as a young and fast-time parent.

His baby girl who was born 6th May 2020 in Saudi Arabia developed some serious complications during delivery and was too exhausted and too fatigued to hold on to treatment.

Crystal Panda is still mourning, the loss of his child.

Panda says, the baby had dead brain cells which resulted into multiple seizure attacks but because the baby was too young, the doctors could not operate on her, and need more time for her delicate body organs to develop.  The seizures then eventually graduated and multiplied leading to baby Alvin’s death.

Much as many have commended Panda for staying strong and continuing to work, he admits the whole tragedy actually made him weak too weak to speak so he had to find a way out by continuing to work so as to forget his sorrows.

“Many of y’all have been asking me about her of late and I wasn’t brave enough to speak about it and that’s why also I wasn’t posting about her like before”.

“Because of the love I gat for my job I kept on doing my shows as you’ve been seeing me on NTV with a huge wide smile as if everything is ok but deep down inside me I couldn’t stooppp crying and hurting”. He said

Crysto Panda does his thing on the NTV Dance Party program last Saturday. Check his emotional story in full below;






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