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The Shirumatic Experience Leaves Revelers Needing More

Self Proclaimed Uganda’s Spin doctor Dj Shiru real names Kiberu Shiru was last night over whelmed by the turn up his fans who came to join him as he hosted his long awaited 3rd Edition of the Shirumatic Experience that went down at the Bakuli based night club Ambiance.


Dj Shiru’s fans came from near and far to support their number one Dj

Artistes were many and whoever was headlining, performed as the crowd cheered them on. By 10:30 pm, the club was half way full with lots of other people continuing to come in. The waitresses and waiters did their work to serve the people with the drinks of their choices as DJ X Nick warmed them up with music as the time for the main party drew closer.


The crowd which attended the Shirumatic Experience

At 11:30 the night’s MC Gracious kick started the Dj Experience show with dancehall artiste Zil being the first artiste to perform. Luga Flow veteran singer Rockie Giant came next then later was Yoyo, KS Alpha, Fefe Busi, Tip Swizy and Rhodah K. Fans really didn’t bore any artiste nor did the artistes bore the Fans.


MC Gracious was the host

Shiru 5

Luga Flow Veteran artiste Rockie Giant doing his thing


Dancehall artiste KS Alpha represented


TIP Swizy doing his perfomance

Byax, Denis Rackla, Shadow Weezy, Shidy Stylo and Pallaso took the stage next the excitement in the whole club was uncontrollable. Winnie Nwagi, Spice Diana, Scooter Cooter, Ziza Bafana and Minayo were the last artistes to perform.


Denis Rackla doing his thing


Spice Diana and Pallaso wowed the fans


Ragga artiste Ziza Bafana


Swangz Avenue’s Winnie Nwagi was there too

Taking the stage at 1:20 am and dressed in all white, Dj Shiru was welcomed with a big shout by this fans who had gathered to watch their star take them on a DJ experience trip. “I have for a long time been deejaying but I didn’t know you loved like this.” Shiru confessed.


Seriously making his fans dance to the nice melodies


Fans got crazy wheen Dj Shiru touched the turn tables


A close up view of Dj Shiru’s moster mixer (Pioneer SZ N)

At the same time he also unleashed his new pioneer SZ N mixer which he played the music with. He really mixed all kinds of music but comedy and more excitement was sparked off when he played Daxx Kartel’s ‘Baala’ song and the singer Daxx appeared on stage carrying an empty crate of beer.


Dj Shiru on his new mixer

He later and few of his friends cut the cake which was made in shape of the new pioneer SZ N mixer and it was served to the revelers. Shiru also called on Stage Veteran singer Mad Tiger, A Pass and Bakri respectively who performed their nice songs. At 3: 13, Shiru left the turn bales and the Party went on up till late.


Signed and managed by DJ Shiru, Bakri represented

Shiru 20

Vetaran Ragga singer Mad Tiger


Daxx Kartel Omuryerubha

Shiru 21

A Pass couldn’t miss

shiru 17

Dj Shiru and a few of his friends cutting the cake

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