The State of Mobile Report Indicates Sharp Increase In Digital Communication

According to App Annie, a trusted mobile data and analytics platform, Mobile outperformed 2020 expectations with consumers spending $143 Billion on Apps worldwide.

The mobile data and analytics company which is based in San Francisco with 12 offices worldwide helps brands and publishers create winning experiences on mobile.

The report of 2021 provides insight into mobile’s expansive impact across industries and the global economy.

The report indicates that consumers used their mobile devices to connect, work, learn, play and escape despite COVID-19 restricting their way of life.

“Consumers spent $143 billion on mobile apps in 2020, an increase of 20% from 2019. Top markets driving this spend included China, United States, Japan, South Korea and the United Kingdom,” the findings of their research indicated.

Theodore Krantz, Chief Executive Officer of App Annie said the world has forever changed because of rapid rise in use of mobile apps and devices for communication.

“While people stay at home across the world, we saw mobile habits accelerate by three years,” he said in the report.

Use of Mobile for communication has increased in the past few months because of rapid rise in use of mobile apps and devices for communication.

The report provides an overview of key narratives in mobile across 11 industries and 30 countries. The analysis and estimates in this report are based on App Annie Intelligence.
YouTube topped every other App globally in terms of consumer spend in the first quarter of the 2021 Report.

The report also shows that Money spent on the YouTube App superseded spending on any other App for the first quarter of 2021 globally on both iOS and Android,

The State of Mobile 2021 shows how to navigate macro trends and demographics which helps identify which leading brands and publishers are winning across gaming, fintech, retail, social, video, and others.
The App works with analytics providers, such as Google Analytics, which use cookies and similar technologies to collect and analyze information about your use of the services and report on activities and trends.
Google Analytics may also collect information regarding the use of other websites, Apps and online resources.

Other findings of the report include:

  • Time spent on mobile surged: 4.2 hours were spent on Android which amounted to 3.5 trillion hours, up by 20% and 25% respectively from 2019.
  • Mobile gaming remains unrivaled: This sector is on track to surpass $120 billion in consumer spend in 2021 which will capture 1.5x of the overall gaming market.
  •  Time spent crossed generations: In the US, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X/ Baby Boomers spent 16%, 18% and 30% more time per user YoY in their most-used apps.
  •  Social networking apps take center stage: Time spent per user increased by up to 325% YoY. TikTok is on track to hit 1.2 billion monthly active users in 2021 as consumers look to stay connected as well as entertained .
  • Mobile fuels the ad industry: In 2020 ad spend grew to $240 billion up by 26% from 2019.
  • Funding remained strong: $73 billion was invested in mobile companies up by 27% from 2019.

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