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THE TRUTH: Why Chameleone’s Son Abba Quit Music For Swimming

Every parent should support and advise their children in every decision they make. That is one proper way of raising up a child and singer Jose Chameleone is a supportive parent to his children especially his eldest son Abba Marcus Mayanja.

Abba looks up so much to his dad in that he wanted to follow in his footsteps. He was so determined to be a musician and recorded some songs although it is ‘Game Over’ that made it on the playlists. Unfortunately, following the pressure from Ugandan media, Abba Marcus decided to drop his dream and concentrate on something else and believe us he is so successful in it.

According to his father, Abba’s decision to quit the music industry was after criticism from journalists who wrote articles as well as going on air criticizing his singing ability.

“Abba was focused on his music career till the day he heard some radio presenter criticizing his music piece,” said Chameleone.

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The ‘Vumilia’ singer added that Abba told him that he couldn’t withstand the negativity of people and insults towards musicians on social media.

That is why he decided to quit music to focus on swimming and he is currently a regular on the Swimming National team.” Jose Chameleon revealed.

Talking about negativity from the media, It is the same reason forced Chameleone to threaten  how he was going to relocate to Kenya because he felt he wasn’t embraced by his very own.

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