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“The Ugandan Music Industry Will Be Meaningless Soon”- Chris Evans

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Chris Evans is a darling to some people especially those who are ardent fans of band music. He falls in the category of the David Lutalos but like any other musician who loves the industry, he gives an insight of how the music industry is going to be in the near future.

The ‘Rihanna’ musician says that the industry will be meaningless as people will be focusing more on international artistes.  

“The Uganda music industry after a decade will be meaningless, people will not be minding about Ugandan artists coz the international artists will have taken over.”

he said adding that most artists are doing a lot of copy and paste while producers are using the same pages and samples for different songs.

“Now most new kids on d block are surviving on copied beats from d international market. Songs no longer last long coz they r not new in d fans’ ears. Well in d short run we r benefiting but later we shall be forgotten.” He concluded.


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