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There Shall Be No Divorce As Reported, Chameleone Speaks Out

Photo by Habre Muriisa

Following the ongoing rumours that Daniella Atim is on the verge of divorcing Jose Chameleone over brutality, the musician has come out and confirmed that there shall be no divorce because they are meant to be.  

Chameleon admitted that they might be having problems in their marriage but also said that problems are there to be solved and manoeuvred. “Family business is not public business. There is no family that doesn’t have problems but they are always there to be manoeuvred,” he said in a live video feed a few minutes ago.

He also added that if Daniella has gone to court, court is there to offer a service which people need.

Besides that, The ‘Sweet Banana’ musician said that whoever is having the allegations should have his points cleared.

Chameleone told critics off about their divorce issues with his wife Daniella

And more surprisingly, he was travelling with his whole family of four children and his wife Daniella who is said to have filed for a divorce in the courts of law.

Whoever is having the allegations should have his points cleared

I’m catholic and for Catholics when you get married, you don’t divorce.

Earlier today, it was reported that Daniella filed for divorce at the family division court in Nakawa yesterday on grounds of brutality through her lawyers Okurut and Co. Advocates. It was also said that the musician has been given 15 days to respond to the claims according to magistrate Margret Aanyu.


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