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Things To Know As The Kampala Beer Festival Draws Closer

With this year’s theme of beer in boots, the Kampala beer festival brings a whole new thrilling experience when it comes to events.

According to Thecla, La ‘Tenak International representative, they pride in bringing the legitimate Ugandan beer experience and heritage to the initiated and the uninitiated reveler.

‘We were able to give our people an opportunity to interact with the producers and distributors of our own locally brewed beer and get a taste of some of the foreign froths, Thecla said.

The Kampala Beer Festival already has several people excited.

The Kampala Beer Festival already has several people excited.

The Kampala beer festival is about our pride and heritage as Ugandans who love a good beer and also at the same time give an opportunity to the visitors of the pearl of Africa an appreciation of our celebrated beer brands.

With more sponsors on board for the event, it’s safe to say that the event is bound to top last year’s event which saw people turn in big numbers. Beers were at half price and several people did something out of the ordinary as they went tasting different beer brands just because they could afford it and just to taste something different. Others indulged in drinking games like beer pong and beer chugging.

Anyone can drink beer but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer and with that said you can’t afford to miss the Kampala beer festival come November 28th at the Uganda Museum.

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