“This Is Too Expensive”- Zuena Shocked By Bebe Cool’s Gift

We are good to say that Reggae Star Bebe Cool and wife Zuena are one of the tightest couples in the country right now. As Zuena celebrated her birthday on Sunday, Bebe unveiled a brand new Mercedes Benz CL 350 as a gift to her. The sleek looking white ride didn’t leave Zuena silent as she is still in shock wondering how lucky and flattered she is when she was told it’s all hers.

zuena Benz 2

Zuena puts on a big smile after Bebe Cool told her the benz is hers

Zuena benz

“ Yesterday was my birthday & all I wanted for my day was dinner with my family.God knows how I hate spending unnecessarily, finally my wish was granted not knowing there’s a huge surprise for me. Allah have mercy coz I can’t contain my excitement..kumbe my husband bought the CLS 350 as my birthday present but it arrived earlier so he didn’t say a word till yesterday banange happiness is surely killing me.”


Zuena feeling the comfort of the ride


Zuena will be cruising in the Benz registration number UAY 733E which she is so excited about. “All I could say was honey this is too expensive I can’t accept it and his response was, ‘it’s coming from my heart “.They say tebagana kirabo naye kino kisuse ehhhh. Thank you so much my love. I guess the only way to pay you back is by being a good wife & best mother to our children. Allah akuwangaze love.” She added.


Zuena thanks Bebe Cool for the new ride


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