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“This Might Be The Time For You To Rediscover Yourself, Your Other Talents” – Juliana To Sacked Sanyu FM Staff

Celebrated song bird Juliana Kanyomozi has come out to weigh in the Sanyu FM saga in which all staff were fired after going on a sit-down strike last week after management proposed to slash down their salaries by 25% as a result of Covi-19 effects on the economy.

Using herself as an example, Kanyomzi in who just recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy says she was in a similar dilemma some time back while working at Capital FM as a presenter. Her bosses apparently made her to choose between her music career and the Capital job and she settled for the former which she says she has never since regretted.

If you’re a Sanyu Fm employee, this might be the time for you to rediscover yourself, your other talents. Leaving Capital FM was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make, I was comfortable with a guaranteed salary and other benefits. Juliana shared on Twitter.

Although she also confessed it was the most difficult decision other life, she poured her motivational words in a long tweet to inspire the now jobless workers whom she hinted could actually re-discover themselves and their other hidden talents to start all over again to live better lives like she has.

Juliana while working at Capital FM back then.

But my PD at the time asked me to choose between a music career and a radio job. I chose the former. I didn’t know what I was going to find out there, in fact, I was scared, but I took the leap of faith. Today I’m thankful for my growth and independence.

Juliana after deciding to pick music later went on to become one of Uganda’s best ever female artistes and the ‘Kanyimbe’ singer is proud of her growth and self-dependence saying she believes she wouldn’t have achieved even half of what she has currently if she had stayed in the ‘safety’ of being employed..

Juliana went on to become one of Uganda’s biggest artistes of this generation.

She however also agrees employment is not entirely bad but advised if one is to achieve bigger things, then one has to get out of their comfort zone.

I wouldn’t have achieved half of what I have if I’d chosen the “safety” of being employed with a salary. A job with a salary is a good thing don’t get me wrong. But if you want to achieve bigger, sometimes you have to take that leap of faith. She concluded




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