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“This Year’s Party Is Coming With A Few Changes”-Ivan Ssemwanga

It’s that time of the year when party goers start dusting their nice looking outfits and ready to party because of the endless ‘Bu-summer’ parties thrown everywhere but one that is highly anticipated is the ‘Rich Gang’ one that happens every year.

This year’s party themed ‘Money, fame and power’ unlike the previous two occasions where it was held at Liquid Silk is happening at club Guvnor and the hosts, Ivan Semwanga, ED Cheune and King Lawrence promise that it’s going to be a party like no other.

Speaking at press briefing earlier yeasterday at  Club Guvnor, the two Ivan and Cheune said this year’s party is going to be bigger and better than all the other parties they have been having.


(L-R) ED Cheune, Ivan Semwanga , their friend and Natasha from Club Guvnor at the press conference


Some of the journalists who were at the press briefing

“We got feedback from our fans who complained that Liquid Silk was so small for them and that they couldn’t get access to some of the things we had earlier talked about like beer and so on. It was because of these two that we decided to change the venue for this year’s party.” Ivan said before confirming that this time round an open bar is really happening.

And this was confirmed by the club’s PRO Natasha who said that all bars will be operating as open bar points tomorrow.


Club Guvnors PRO Natasha stressing a point

The other surprise was the unveiling of a new member onto the team known as Prince MJ who was also in attendance. He says he’s an up keep developer as well as the CEO of an academy down in South Africa.  




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