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Three Reasons Why You Would Love Juliana Kanyomozi

There are several reasons why one would love Juliana Kanyomozi and it being a woman crush Wednesday, we have decided to focus on three which count volumes to us.

Talented Vocalist

When it comes to stage performance or showcasing her amazing vocal range, Juliana has really set the pace in the Ugandan music industry. Her soulful songs like ‘Woman’ and ‘Kalibatanya’ have set a precedent in the country and its no wonder she has kept winning over several fans.

She may take some time to release a song but when she does, the ripple effect is felt across Africa, for example when she released the ‘Woman’ song which was dedicated to all women across the world no matter their position in life, it swept airwaves across Africa and it also ended in many charts both on the local and international scene and at one point, it was ranked number 37 on LLuvia FM, the Spanish-Canadian and Switzerland’s radio station.

With that said, we wouldn’t be more proud of Juliana’s success in the music industry.

Juliana Kanyomozi as been a great inspiration to many people

Juliana Kanyomozi as been a great inspiration to many people


The soulful singer has positioned herself as a great mentor to many of the youth who often look up to her. She recently asked fellow women to be comfortable in their womanhood because there is nothing more worthy than appreciating yourself. While praising Alicia Keys #Nomakeup movement, she said;

‘We live in a world where we feel trapped and think we must please everyone. And honestly,…. nobody cares,’ she said before going on to add, ‘Ladies we all need to try this, atleast every once in while. Let your skin breath. I do that myself sometimes and it feels so good. Be comfortable in your own natural skin. Your beauty goes way beyond that concealer and foundation, your beauty comes from within you.’

She has also been a voice for the voiceless giving hope where others see none.


Giving is not just about making a donation. It’s about making a difference and Juliana Kanyomozi has done just that by giving girls at Tapu school a chance at a decent life. In an exclusive interview with Chano8 last year, she talked about the school which she is supporting with her mother,

‘It’s especially for young girls out there in the village in Fortportal. Girls who have not gotten an opportunity to go into a classroom or maybe the parents can’t afford it anymore. This is because the more I visited Fortportal, the more I noticed that there were so many girls just sitting by the roadside or in the shop helping their mother and I felt there is something I could do especially for the girls where I come from.’

It’s her kind and loving heart that won us over and it’s also the reason she is our woman crush this Wednesday.

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