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Throwback Thursday: Irene Ntale Talks About Her Musical Journey

With her show coming up soon, we take a look at Irene Ntale’s career for this week’s throwback Thursday edition.

Irene Ntale on her career path.

Throwback Thursday: Irene Ntale’s musical journey

The singer who started singing in church was part of a church band called ‘The Uneven’ for 2-3 years, but unfortunately the band split up after a member passed on.

Irene has seen her career blossom over a period of time. Last year she described her music to Chano8 saying,

‘I believe am diverse I love doing good music so genre isn’t an issue for me. If the song is good it can be RnB or Reggae, Pop or even Jazz, but most definitely not Hip Hop. I can not rap even if my life depended on it.’

With her hits like Gyobera and Olindaba topping charts in 2014, Irene is trying her best to build on the success this year, which has her work on collaborations with Radio and Weasel.

Have a look at the interview below and find out more about the singer’s musical journey.

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