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Throwback Thursday: The Inspiration Behind Keko’s Ready Video

For this week’s throwback Thursday, we take a look at Keko’s inspiration for her new ready video. In an exclusive interview with Chano8 the female rapper said,

The record is a very urban record, mid-tempo and very playful. What I want the fans to do is basically just enjoy the music. Life is a journey and so is the music. They are different types of music from Keko and different side of Keko.’

The female rapper further goes to talk about what inspired her to come up with the song,

‘I was feeling sexy when I came up with the song, so it’s pretty much a sexually aroused song. She adds that she was just fooling around in the studio and built the track from scratch. It came out easy and we did under an hour.’

Talking about why she featured a new star on the block, she said it’s because she believed in his talent and was tired of the usual faces around. These kids want to come out but have no opportunities. So putting him on was a thing I could do.

Have a look at the video below.

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