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Throwback Thursday: The Story Behind Irene Ntale’s Teliyo Song

Irene Ntale is one artiste whose career has skyrocketed over the years due to prowess and tenacity. It being a throwback Thursday today, we go back in time and look at what Irene had to say about one of her recent songs Teliyo.

‘It’s all about delivering vocal ability and singing a beautiful song. It’s one of those songs that can serenade you, Teliyo is definitely a track for you.’ 

The young soulful singer further goes on to talk about the story behind the song,

It’s about two lovers who are trying to strengthen their love. Even amidst all these trials and different challenges they face in their relationship they still manage to come out together,‘ she said.

Irene also said that she recorded the song last year 2014 in January and decided to release it now because it seemed appropriate.

‘There was no strategy for releasing teliyo, it’s like a give back to my fans. Teliyo is not a club song, it’s a song for the people who don’t go to clubs, who listen to the radio, watching TV, having introduction and wedding ceremonies that’s their tune,‘ she added.

The highly talented singer concluded by talking about her work schedule,

‘I think for every musician, it keeps getting busier as the year ends because now I have very many gigs to do, am recording a lot of music for 2016, travelling a lot, I have a Europe tour coming up soon, am doing gigs here and there, company parties, birthday parties, name it, it’s crazy busy.’

Have a look at the video below to see what more she says.

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