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Tigan Henry To Give Back To The Children

Tigan Henry has dedicated his festive season to helping children in places like Kampiringisa children remand home, Street children in Kisenyi and Uganda Child Cancer Foundation among others.

The singer who lost his parents at a young age, decided to start a campaign called ‘5ive back to children’ where who he would be able to help children from December 19 to December 23, 2014.


In a statement released, Tigan said: ‘My parents died when I was still very young, growing up without mum and dad is not very easy especially around big family days.’

‘When everyone is moving up and down to buy things for their families, there some people who don’t expect anything from anyone.’

‘Starting this coming x-mas I will be dedicating time and talent in what I called ‘5ive back to children’ five days towards X-mas will be for children who need comfort and love.’

‘Am going to visit five different places, including Kampiringisa children remand home on 19th, Street children in Kisenyi on 20th, Uganda Child Cancer Foundation Mulago on 21st, Uganda Spactics School on Balituuma Rd near Pastor Kayiwa’s church on 22nd and Welcome Home Africa orphanage home in Jinja on 23rd December 2014.’

‘I and my team will be moving with a simple sound and instruments for children and us to sing x-mas carols, we will talk to the children as well. I will sing for them but I would not like to go empty handed that’s why am mobilizing my fans and those who can afford to ‘5ive back to children’ clothes, Pampers, toys, books anything as x-mas presents and gifts for the children and caretakers. Join me.’

Uganda will definitely be a better place if everyone picked a leaf from Tigans gesture.

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