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Time For ‘Paka Chini’ As Sheebah And Pallaso Unleash ‘Go Down Low’

Team No Sleep members Pallaso and Sheebah have been on fire of late. Releasing song after song that are creating a serious impact on the entertainment scene. They have also done some collabos worth mentioning like ‘Mundongo’ which has also dominated air waves.

A lot has already been said about their romantic relationship or ‘affair ‘ if you like but what makes them tick is their chemistry when it comes to singing and performing together either in front of camera or on stage. The two always seem to connect naturally like identical twins joined by some invisible irresistible force.

Go down low222

Getting ready for club


There projects have been largely successful with the duo now a force to reckon with in the local music scene after the two displayed a persistence and determination with a ‘never give up’ attitude that has eventually paid off.

Sheebah Karungi’s journey saw her move from a Karaoke girl to obsessions and to ‘no man’s land’ and then back to life again, while Pallaso (real names Pius Mayanja) had to go to America for ten years to ‘rediscover’ himself. He was then a skinny struggling singer who lived in the shadows of his big brother Jose Chameleone as Pius Lizard . He then announced his triumphant return to the music industry with a top charting block buster hit ‘Amaaso’ featuring now nemesis Radio and Weasel.

Pallaso’s path has not been smooth from the days of playing escort and backing up the big boys at Leone Island, to the uncertain rough streets of New York City and Maine in U.S, the now mugged singer is back home in full swing releasing songs that are winning him fans and also allowing him establish himself in the very tough and rough music industry where survival of the fittest is order of the day.

Back to the song ‘Go down low’, Sheebah and Pallaso who is a songwriter, producer, editor and live performer just like in Mundongo, gets us dancing with this tune. His style of mixing R&B-Reggae-Hip Hop-Soul is evident and makes him versatile. Although this particular one is more Afro beat if not Lingala style.

Go down low

Sheebah dancing in the music video

With a simple sing-along chorus, the song has already ‘caught fire’ in night clubs and radio stations. The video is also featuring prominently on TV stations across East Africa. The video which is just about dance ,dance and more dance is simply a feel ‘good’ club banger where anyone who wishes to throw his/her hands in the air can also get down low- paka chini style.

I love the concept of street dance which of course is borrowed from the Western artists but the African dance flavour makes it unique as the two ‘protagonists’ tease each other. Director Sasha Vybz of Savy Films loves colour a lot and he doesn’t disappoint in this piece of work as well. Who ever did the choreography must have been hired by Sheebah as the dance moves are tailor-made to suit her.

Sheeba and Pallaso

Sheebah And Pallaso during a live performance

Just like the video concept, Diggy Baur also borrows ideas from our Congolese neighbors to do the beats and mixing. Which sounds like a blend of Lingala (Afro-beat) and Dance hall? The result is ecstasy any way.

You can watch the video here and give us your opinion on our facebook page chano8

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