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‘Only Time Will Tell’ – Pr Wilson Bugembe Gives His Take On Prophet Mbonye Saga

Perhaps Wilson Bugembe has been the only church leader to comment about the ongoing criticism of ‘Prophet’ Elvis Mbonye and his subjects so far.

But a few days ago, the singing Pastor came out and said what he thinks about the on-going saga.

Pastor Bugembe said that Mbonye should be given some time to prove himself because only time can tell if he is telling the truth or not.

“If he is truly a representative of God, he is here to stay. Let us give him time and see what happens. Time always heals everything. Even the likes of Kiwedde came and went. God’s true servants always stay.” He said.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye relaxes on his ‘crown’ last Friday in Kololo

The ‘Tembeya Njiri’ musician said this after Mbonye’s claims that Jesus walked up to him and they both talked. He also said that Jesus is in his youthful years and can’t describe whether he is handsome or beautiful.

Pr Wilson Bugembe is a lead evangelist at Light of the World church in Nansana and is famed for songs such as ‘Kani’, ‘Ani’, ‘Lengera Embatta’, ‘Biribabitya’ and ‘Akawala’ among others.

Journalist Joseph Kabuleta was among the followers who kissed Mbonye’s shoes

Elvis Mbonye made headlines last Friday when hundreds of his worshipers including sports journalist and author Joseph Kabuleta were seen kissing his shoes in what many have since regarded as worshiping him in a dinner that was held for shs300,000, shs700,000 and shs1m.


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