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Tip Swizzy’s Dance Move Goes Wrong As Pants Get Torn On Stage

Tip Swizzy will live to curse his designer after his pants got torn as he was performing at the B2C Trio’s maiden concert that took place at Freedom City Mall last Friday the 7th of September.

After performances from other headlining performers, the MC annouced Tip next on stage and like we know him, he is one of the artistes who take to the stage with a lot of energy but this time round, the energy turned into a night mare.

In attempt to spice up his performance with dance moves while performing his ‘Squat Stand’ song, Tip Swizzy’s pants got torn as tried to squat.

According to our snoops, Tip’s performance was not catchy but after his pants got torn, the crowd began cheering him as they made fun of and laughed at him

Watch the video here

However, much we thought he was going to leave the stage, the ‘Bolingo’ singer tool the advantage of the excited crowd whose excitement was aroused by the fact that his pants got torn and continued with his performance.


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