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Tool Man Bashes Ugandan Deejays

Ragga artiste Tool Man may no longer have the hits that drive the nation but his words are something we couldn’t just leave without noting.

The artiste behind songs like ‘Zaamu’, Nzijja’ and ‘Leka Tuzilye’ among others a few days ago came out and lashed out at Ugandan producers for being corrupt.

“I come from a Land where a couple of Djs when they receive a song from an Artiste, before they even listen to it first, they ask for what I may term as Service fee with no receipt.” He noted adding that they would rather promote their artistes first than playing Jay Z and other international musician’s songs whom they will never meet in life.


Tool Man not happy with Ugandan Djs

The Ragga artiste based his anger on the fact that he met a couple of Deejays during his London tour playing Ugandan Music on Merit and among those is Dj Shotz David Steel who plays Ugandan music because he loves it and he doesn’t only stop at just playing but he also coordinates other Djs in his circles, gives them the songs and they put among the top bangers.


Tool Man with Dj Shotz

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