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Tooro Princess Komuntale In Love Again. This Time With A Jamaican DJ

Four years back, a heartbreaking story rocked the country where, then newly married Tooro Princess Ruth Komuntale dramatically separated from her American husband known as Christopher Thomas just after a few months.

The immediate events that followed were nasty. The once celebrated couple ruthlessly rubbed their dirty linen in the public. The Tooro Kingdom was left in shatters. However, on a good note, through her social media pages, the gorgeous princess has again announced that she has fallen deeply in love again with a man she had always waited for and wished for to have in her life. She feels complete now.

Komuntale and Thomas got married in a colorful ceremony in 2012 before breaking up few months later.

Using her Instagram page, the princess confirms to the whole world that she has finally ‘arrived’ when it comes to matters of the heart. She tells it all “I thank God for him every day. My angel sent from heaven. You’re everything I’ve always needed in a man my love”. her Instagram post reads.

Her post was followed by congratulatory messages. Her followers are so happy for her and wish her a new journey of love and happiness after her confirmation that she has finally met a man of her dreams. However, some followers have started warning her not to make the same mistakes she made when she was with Thomas.

The announcement was made on Instagram which the followers seem to receive positively.

The new man is Phil Amooti.

Komuntale has already given her man a new name of Amooti. He is now called Phil Amooti. According to reliable sources, Phil is an IT guru who lives in the US and is half Jamaican. He also works as DJ as his part-time job in the US.

Another source reveals to us that, the couple is planning to come to Uganda to visit for the first time. It has been understood that Phil and Komuntale will be in the country together as early as December where by Phil will meet some of his royal in-laws for the first time. Kudos to the young princess.


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