Tooro Princess Komuntale’s Ex Hubby Sires A Son

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Information going around is that Tooro Kingdom princess  Ruth Komuntale’s ex hubby Thomas is now father after siring a son with an unknown woman. Thomas and Ruth got married a few years back. Unfortunately, their marriage never lasted long before they called it quits.

The flamboyant man who had a glimpse of royalty posted on his Facebook announcing the baby boy. “Duke is a daddy”, he posted on Facebook and revealed the name as Austin Thomas. The British Royal Wedding held over the weekend evoked memories of Thomas and Princess Komuntale. However, their union failed to stand the test of time as the royal couple split.

In March this year, using her Instagram account, Tooro Princess Komuntale  come out to defend herself on allegations made by her ex-husband Thomas who accused her of infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease. To put the allegations to rest, Komuntale has posted fully filled medical form on her Instagram. She added that though it could be wrong timing,  she believed awareness is very important. Her post read

”In 2013 I was bashed by the Ugandan tabloids/media about a lot of things, but worst of all put so-called diseases on me etc all with the help of my ex-husband Christopher Thomas. I decided to share this very personal information with you to bring to light how media can do anything to tarnish one’s image to gain sales (so take everything they say about someone with a grain of salt) I was a victim of that with the help of my estranged ex-husband spreading lies about me with the goal to tarnish my image. Yes, I know this is old news, an old wound that healed but awareness is important. I am one proud healthy 29-year-old woman ”, she posted.

Thomas posing for photos with his newly born baby


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