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Top 10 Young Movers And Shakers Of The Entertainment Industry 2018

photo by Habre Muriisa

There is a group of young and talented celebrities that are causing  mayhem around the city on our entertainment scene. These guys are go getters despite their age in everything they do. That fact, they have been all around the globe. We share their success stories. Watch them out in 2018!

1.Fik Fameika (rapper)

It is with no doubt that the most selling young artiste at the moment is Fik Fameica. He came into the music game in 2016 with a song titled ‘Pistol’ which he later followed up with ‘Mbega Wa Baala’, ‘Mutuwulira’, ‘Byenyenya’ and ‘Kutama’ among other hits. All these songs have not disappointed in the music Industry and it is the reason he is performing at almost all local stages

2.Crysto Panda (TV presenter & Emcee )

Crystal panda is a Ugandan actor ,rapper, fashionista, motivational speaker, youth activist, Events MC and organiser and host of T Nation on NTV. He is among the youngest and talented emcees that have taken over Kampala and its social events.

3.Slick Stuart and Roja (Djs)

DJ Roja started his entertainment profession from a local pub in his home area of Kitintale, a Kampala suburb. He attained some good deejaying start-up skills over the years that motivated him to move on. Since their recognition as the first ever professional Dj duo to be nominated in awards, DJ Roja and DJ Slick Stuart have been nominated for two consecutive HiPipo Music Awards and the emerged winners of the Best DJ award in 2017. At the moment, the duo runs the city discs.

4.Emmeka (Comedian)

His name is Collins Bareija Magezi Emeka. At the tender age of 23, he is so far the youngest comedian in Uganda. The comedy industry is a hard business to be in simply because it’s not easy to make people laugh but Emma has found it easy for him to sail through and is the most sought after young comedian at the moment.


She is the girl of the moment. Her ‘Chips and Ketchup’ song is taking her places and she is among the most loved female musicians at the moment

6.Fab MC (Radio Presenter,Emcee & Actor)

Nuwarinda Pius commonly known as Fab MC  doesn’t need an introduction on Uganda’s social scene. At his tender age, Fab as been all over the place. He is an actor, radio and TV presenter and an emcee on high end social functions.

Fab was one of the few actors that made it in ‘The Hostel’ series that used to run on NTV a few years back . Apart from that, he also featured in ‘Coffee Shop’ series on Kenya’s Top TV and he also acted in ‘Dr. Nice’ series on Citizen TV.

His love for TV landed him a gig at Tanzania based ITV as an entertainment MC.

Currently, Fab is the reason Namanve based Juice FM is a hit. His show called  ‘The official Fab Mc Top 10 Ug Chat’ that comes out every Saturday in Red Pepper and play on Radio as well has been a serious talk to music lovers in the country.

7.Sheillah Gashumba (TV presenter)

Sheilah Gashumba started her career at tender age of 8 at defunct WBS Television that was based alongside Jinja road. She has grown in the eyes of the Media. Sheilah currently co-hosts a daily show ‘The Beat’ with Daggy Niece on NTV. She is the daughter of motor mouthed Frank Gashumba who has paved and developed a clear path for her.

8.Victoria Bagaya (Radio & TV presenter)

At 24, Victoria Bagaaya has already made an impression on a section of the youth around Kampala and beyond. She is a TV personality as well as a young and ambitious businesswoman who first struck out on the road to profit making when she started a laundry business. She currently hosts two programmes on NBS TV. One is called ‘Youth Voice,’ airing every Saturday morning and the other is ‘NBS Connect’ a technology show that airs every Wednesday at 8:30 PM.

9.Tracy Kababiito (TV Presenter)

Tracy Kabito is a fashionista who has been gracing several fashion shows in town. She has also been a radio presenter on 106.1 Jazz FM in Kampala. She was one of the contestants for the presenter search of NTV The Beat few months back. At 21, people who matter know her.

10.Bettina Tianah (Fashionista, socialite, TV presenter & Actress)

She is among top city models, socialites and fashionistas. She also doubles as a Television personality. She once hosted the famous ‘Be My Date’ show on NTV a few years back. She has a huge social media following that makes her one celebrity that causes meyhem whenever she roars. She is only 24 years.


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