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Top 9 New Sexy TV Personalities On The Block

There is a new breed of insanely beautiful girls that have taken over our Television sets of recent. These girls are fresh, young and sexy.

A panel of six judges with an experience of over 15 years in the entertainment industry sat and compiled a list of Uganda’s newest and sexy female TV stars. Like never before, where it was easy to predict the sexiest female faces on TV, this time round, it took us two weeks to scrutinise these girls and judge them.

There are good looking girls all over TV but we needed just 9. We trimmed the numbers and went beyond just face value beauty. We scored character on screen and off screen. We scored on biological age and their time on TV. It was not easy to get the top 20 and even harder to trim them to the last 15 until we finally settled for only 9.

We present the young, the Sexy, the Hottest Girls On Ugandan TV.



The light-skinned Sabrina Agasha tops our list. She has really worked for this spot. She was an intern at Uganda Breweries and decided to join TV. We are informed when she walked in Urban TV offices, everyone turned their necks. Her TV journey begun then. She later joined NBS TV for greener pastures. Her show #NBSAreaCode is majorly real estate, a boring subject for TV but she brings the best to it with her sexy charm, her looks, her curves and her brains.



Many describe her as the next Faridah Nakazibwe because of the way she carries herself. When on TV, her body language and body actions can easily be related to Faridah’s. No wonder she acknowledges, Faridah is her role model. She presents an entertainment show and is also a reporter on BBS TV.  Her show ‘Tukyakyankye’ runs from 5:00 – 6:00 PM. Her smile is her biggest weapon and her curves are for a post card. Her attitude…


She presents an entertainment show Login Extra on NTV. Her body can be described as divine. She prides in hailing from the hills of Kabale and claims her beauty is natural, not bought in a package deal.

Before scooping the TV job, she was a video vixen for several artistes in Uganda. Tina is hot and not afraid to flaunt her beauty, reason why her TV show ranks high amongst the most viewed TV programmes in Uganda. She’s a hot with the warm blooded youths of Uganda who can’t have enough of her looks and always want something more.

  1. Diana Nabatanzi

Diana is a model, actress and a presenter at BBS TV, where she hosts the ‘Kiri Kitya’ programme. Nabatanzi’s charming smile and stunning looks ensure that several men get hooked on her TV show, which brings in revenue for BBS TV. Her eyes… oh please her eyes. Those eyes.

  1. Harriet Sanyu Nantumbwe

She is the co-presenter of the morning show at BBS TV. She was selected to drive the topical talk shows in the morning show because of her confidence and stunning looks. Her curves are perfect. Her attitude is perfect.


  1. Pascaline Hatie Bahati

Bahati presents a health show at BBS television station. They say hips don’t lie and she knows they’re her biggest asset and they are big and Ugandans love girls with big hips and Bahati had load  of hips and a slender waist above those hips and then the perfect face and a glorious smile. If she wasn’t on TV, she would be on a cover of a magazine every week.

  1. Mutesi Kandi

Mutesi Kandi first worked with Delta TV before joining BBS TV. Her friends describe her as a go-getter who is fearless and very confident. Whenever she starts to speak when on air, you can see beauty with brains. She presents a wedding show, which has a huge following. It’s not a coincidence she was named Kandi. She looks like pure candy.



She seems shy but how can one be shy and be on TV? She looks young but then she wouldn’t be on TV. She is an enigma and a puzzle but then how did she get on TV? She is Shiela Tusiime Mugisha. Her voice is powerful and presentation is just as powerful when she reads the news.

We like girls on TV, girls we struggle to describe, it’s the reason we keep watching, to be able to find the perfect words for this gorgeous lady. We’ll be watching and looking for the words


The IUIU graduate reads news on Delta TV at 7pm.  Among the sexy young girls at Delta TV, she stands out tall because of her character and body language when on TV. Shamim teases people using her eyes and body when on TV. She is composed and she is beautiful. She does the news at 7pm but why doesn’t she read the news all day? We can look at her all day and not net enough of her.


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