Top African Artistes Endorse ‘Parte After Parte’ Banger And Big Tril Is Over The Moon

Facts be told, rapper Big Tril has other hits which are even way bigger than ‘Parte Parte’, one of the current hits in Uganda. However, to those who haven’t been following his music think this is his first hit.

We shall not dwell much on that but rather go by the trending ‘Parte After Parte’ wave and hate it or like it, the song is a hit not only in Uganda but in other African countries. The wave has also hit some of the top African artistes who have liked and endorsed the song

Big Tril was recently over the moon  when celebrated Nigerian singer WizKid who is slated for a concert in Kampala, Uganda in December, took to his official account and tweeted “Parte After Partee”.

“WTF? ..wait what ? @wizkidayo fux with the vibe someone hold me right now!” was excited Trizzy’s reply to WizKid’s tweet

As if that was not enough, another big Nigerian artiste Olamide posted a video of himself singing the song’s chorus on social media

“I’ve made it .. there’s nothing you can tell me @olamide YBNL is singing my song Parte after” read Big Tril’s tweet as a caption to Olamide’s video singing ‘Parte After Parte’ chorus

Another hot Singer Mayorkun also from Nigeria did like what Olamide did. He shared a video of him singing along the song on his Instagram story

Davido didn’t also hide his like for the song. This was after Tril jocked on twitter asking him to allow ‘Parte After Parte’ which is in 2nd position, to be number one of Nigeria top 100 songs on Apple

“Number 2 ..oya @iam_Davido gimme chance bro” Read Tril’s tweet and Davido replied and said “Go ahead bro nice song btw”



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