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Top City Makeup Artist Atafo Exposed

You can’t miss the name Zipper Atafo every time you mention make-up in Uganda and this is because he is one of the best at the game, having been behind the making up of socialites and celebrities like Judith Heard, Desire Luzinda and Leila Kayondo among others but what these celebrities and more others didn’t know is that Atafo has been stealing from them all along – at least according to complaints and reports surfacing now which point fingers at him.

Atafo whose real name is Meddie Matovu, is said to have no limits because according to information reaching our desk, he allegedly made off with about Ug Shs 600,000 from his best friend Sue Ochola with whom they frequent parties together.


Make Up artiste Zipper Atafo

Ochola is not the first person that is suspecting Atafo as it is also reported that, he stole some items from singer Jackie Chandiru and Patricia Ssewungu who all reported him to Central Police Station for stealing their iPhones. Others like Irene Ntale, Juliana Kanyomozi and other models have since all had misunderstandings with him over ‘missing’ phones and other valuable items but didn’t suspect him at first.

And among the other victims who allegedly fell prey to the make-up artiste is an unnamed editor at Daily Monitor who claimed Atafo stole her iPhone while at the Kool & The Gang show at Kololo airstrip a few months ago.

It is also reported that, the makeup artist is so into iPhones and will do anything possible to get his hands on them. We are keeping our ears on the ground to get more details and confirmations to these allegations and will keep you posted as usual.


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