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Top Comedian, BBA Housemate 2014, Arthur Nkusi Part II

Still divulging with you on the hilarious journeys of Arthur Nkusi as a former BBA housemate, radio and TV presenter and a top comedian in Rwanda.


Arthur in his hay days in the Big Brother house

So talking about BBA, any highlights in the house, were you hooked up there? Did you get to be yourself or it was all about putting up an act throughout your stay there?

I loved the tasks, it felt like i was meant for them. And because of my love for theater i enjoyed the house, mind you the whole of Big Brother is about drama. When it came to performing and dancing it was a field i was too familiar with by the nature of my previous job. About being myself, i can say i was myself sometimes but let’s be honest, there are those moments you have to pretend and this applied to all housemates especially when it came to emotions, you cannot behave the same way when you’re being watched, and naturally you act consciously.


Arthur participating in a theatrical dance at BBA

I wasn’t hooked in the house because i wasn’t sure what Rwanda wanted me to do. I kept thinking if i get hooked up, how will my people will take it, is my family watching and what would be their take on it. So i never really got hooked however i made good friends from there. I got close to Macky2, I play his songs on radio, Permithias  also sends his songs, Luis invited me to Namibia in April, and am also close to JJ, he does music so he sends me his songs to play them and i sometimes talk to Idris .

Do you have any role models?

I have many roles models being the kind of person that loves different things. Chris Rock the pioneer of stand-up comedy USA, Kevin Hart is good I love his energy. Some French comedian called Gad Elmaleh though some of the things he says I don’t really understand them, i admire his expressions and how he mixes music, dance and comedy. As a dancer and singer I also try to mix them in my comedy and in a way i look upon him. Last but not least is my dad, he is the one who introduced me to the industry , he is an actor, a deejay , radio presenter so basically what I do I look upon him.


Chris Rock on the left with a white tie and Gad Elmaleh  on the right on stage doing comedy

How do people react to comedy in Rwanda?

Rwandese  are the kind of people you crack a joke and they just look at you only to laugh at it when they reach home, it is more of a take away joke. In the beginning it was hard to crack them, so you had to switch off lights so that they could laugh comfortably.But with time they came around when we took comedy to radio, we started dissing them and they started looking at other video clips as a result they opened up.


Arthur with a colleague on stages during the monthly comedy night shows


Five years ago staging a comedy show was hard.We started with entrance fee at 500, and then went to 1000, 2000, 5000 now 10000 and still developing. Today comedy is on the market, we do comedy shows every month and it’s a full house however social media is our biggest challenge. People post and share jokes every day, all the time so you have to work hard to prove that those jokes are not enough for them so they can come for the show. But mostly our jokes are original and we don’t release most of them in videos in order to avoid diluting them.

……to be continued tomorrow.

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