Top Comediennes Crack Up Fans At Jam Show As Fresh Talent Is Unveiled At National Theatre

The comedy industry has for long been dominated by the male comedians especially stand-up comedy which has tremendously picked up in the country. The likes of Salvado Patrick Idringi, Prince Emmah, Mariachi, Alex Muhangi, Mad Rat and Chicko among others are doing well on both local and international scene.

However one person who is trying to change the status quo is comedienne Aknes Akite together with the likes of Anne Kansiime who are working around the clock to try and ‘catch up’ with their male counterparts and inspire young talent to join the industry.

Agnes Akite the brain behind the “Arise Women” Jam was also one of the most exciting last night. 

One of such efforts gave birth to the “Arise Woman” comedy Jam shows which are usually  organized in the women’s day week. With the first edition happening last year, the second one was last night and as promised, indeed there were new faces and some fresh talent unearthed.

“We want to inspire young girls to join the comedy industry and make it worthwhile for them. That is why we organize this show every year to give fresh talent a chance that’s why you wre able to see new faces today” Akite said after the show.

New talent keeps emerging in the comedy industry every year.

And back to last night’s show, the The National theatre was basically littered with endless laughter as the queens of comedy took over the second edition of the Arise Woman Comedy Jam.

This particular edition featured the crème de la crème of comediennes like Anne Kansiime, Titin Gladys, Richmouth and the Fun Factory ladies as well as new faces, as they cracked jokes about different real-life experiences; sending the audience into thunderous applause and laughter.

Held in the spirit of the women’s week, the comedy jam exceeded expectations as it celebrated and glorified women in the comedy industry, perfectly aligning to the theme of the show, “Arise Woman.”

The girls from Funfactory presented their comedy in their usual skit format.

The crowd favourite that hit a home run was the comedy segment by Titin Gladys where she progressively told stories of her daily-life woes that culminated with an exciting twist on her relationship troubles that sent the audience laughing nonstop.

“Tonight has been exceptional! It has been a truly amazing show and I’m pleased to know that you will all leave this place remembering the night’s fun moments. I am humbled and forever grateful,” said Stand-up comedienne, Agnes Akite.

The night ended on a high with Anne Kansiime firing up the audience with her jokes and comedic antics as revelers sipped on Tusker Malt Lager while munching away at popcorn spread out on trays around the dimly lit auditorium; promising to show up for the third edition of the annual event, come 2021.

Anne Kansiime one of the most experienced comediennes in the industry doing thing.

“The night’s performances were jam-packed with the funniest, realest and most hilarious ladies who gave us 100% real comedy. Agnes Akite has pioneered a great achievement with the Arise Woman Comedy Jam, something that has proven to us that a vision is the stepping stone to realizing your dreams,” said Cathy Twesigye, Tusker Malt Brand Manager, UBL


Agnes Akite’s sister who is a good singer also showcased her vocal prowess.

And where there is Kansiime, there is this dance.



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