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Top TV Presenter Joan Lule Roasted For Humiliating Miss Uganda Nakakande Live On TV

The most hated none or living thing on earth right now undoubtedly is the Coronavirus. However in Uganda, a one Joan Nalule is giving the dreaded virus a run for its money after appearing TV to be bullying and humiliated the reigning Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande.

Going by the responses the rival video in which the TOP TV presenter who seemed to ask an embarrassing question and at the same time not allowing the guest to respond , is receiving, Nalule has earned herself the unwelcome title of the most hated person in Uganda via social media.

The reigning Miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande, was a guest on TOP TV in a talk show program dubbed ‘Cocktail’ and kept her cool as Joan Lule humiliated her by asking questions that did not go down well with her and demanded that she apologizes, but the Cocktail show host declined and instead added salt to injury by trying to shut her down after unceremoniously changing topic.

The TV host, who according to reports has already been fired from two other TV stations for similar unbecoming behavior, unruffled feathers when she asked how Nakakande felt after losing out on the Miss World title.

Oliver Nakakande (2nd Left) being humiliated by Joan Lule(R) on live TV.

The beauty queen was however quick to remind her of how rude that was, but then labored to explain that in spite of losing out on the top crown, she had other activities like the Head to Head challenge in which she emerged a winner, but Joan was not taking any of that.

“When I said that you lost, I did not mean to offend you…”

“You need to apologize,” Oliver demanded.

“No no no I’m not going to apologize,” Joan shouted back.

The following tense seconds were only characterized by shouting on the side of the host as the former tried to explain herself in vain.

 “Before I go to the next issue, first of all I hold a diploma in journalism, you never say to someone that they lost, how do you feel about that?”

“That is a very rude question,” Oliver affirmed. At this point, Joan went screaming all the way and not letting Oliver to explain herself despite pleas from fellow show hosts demanding that she lets Miss Uganda to clarify on what she wanted to say.

Oliver still managed to remain calm and composed despite all the screaming from her overzealous tormentor-in-chief who was spitting fire like a hungry anaconda in what looked more of a spillover from a long held grudge.

“Let us continue with the show the way you want it to go, I have my morals and values and I won’t sit here to see them go down the drain,” Oliver concluded.

This whole episode has got Ugandans very enraged especially because the bullying is coming from a fellow woman who is seen as trying to bring down the other. Although she later sent an apology, it was still not well received by the public.

The little-known TV host is also aspiring to become the next Woman Member of Parliament and it remains to be seen how this will affect her political career. In the mean time, here is a selection of reaction from Ugandan on Twitter;








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