Tremendous Talent Showcased At The 2016 Kampala Fashion Week

The 3rd Edition of the 2016 Kampala Fashion Week which started on the 20th October at The Square (Industrial Area Warehouse) and ended on 22nd October was a great success and evidence that Uganda is growing massively fashion wise. A lot of talent and growth was seen in this edition and there is no doubt whatsoever that this is just the beginning and not even the sky can limit the young designers with such platforms in place.


Design Inspired by Masaka colors and materials

The show ran under an intriguing theme “The Underground” and it was an awesome experience especially on the second day where the seven new brilliant designers were given a chance to shine. These tremendously talented new fashion creators made this event very flamboyant. A standing ovation was loud when the young Ssemanda Charles won the #SEEDFashion!

The show was headlined by Gloria Wavamunno (also main event organizer) and  the Spring/Summer collections featured CATHERINE & SONS, Bobbin & Sheif, Halisi, Lukwanzi, With Love From Africa, KONA, Jose Hendo, Isabella Isabeau, Morine Designers, Maison Mimi, KKOOLO, NFKA CLOTHING and Turah


The designers showcasing their work

Guests included Diplomats, models and fashion apprentices with Aamito as an honorary guest. The event then concluded with the Uganda Waragi after party featuring 3 DJs, the wildest and wickedest cocktails and a chance to rub elbows with some of the hottest models, fashionistas and socialites in town.


Ssemanda Charles winner of the #SEEDFashion 2016




Design Inspired by matuba tree


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