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Trevoh Noah Concedes Twitter Defeat To Uganda

When he distanced himself from rumors that he was slated for a show in Uganda, Trevoh Noah didn’t know what was coming for him. He underestimated Ugandans when it comes to Social media. They showed him that he can swallow his words and pride and change his mind on his earlier claims.

He had earlier said that the rumors regarding his show in Uganda were scam and that he wouldn’t be coming over but by the time the sun set earlier on Saturday, the South African comedian had already taken to his twitter handle and accepted defeat.  ‘Ok Uganda, you win’ he wrote. ‘I’ll try to visit sometime. But when I land, I want the original Rolex made by Sula in Wandegeya,” He concluded his tweet.


Trevor Noah conceded defeat to Ugandans on Twitter


This followed the #Trevor Noah visits Uganda that trended on Friday with all sorts of memes. The origin being the press conference last week organised by Sheer Solutions Africa led by Patrick Salvado Idringi to announce the first-ever Uganda International Music and Culture week that will take place from October 29th to November 4th.

But the question is, who is Sula that makes Rolex in Wandegeya?. Where did Trevor Noah get that name? Well this shouldn’t be hard to answer after all because one of the producers of his Daily show is a Ugandan named  Joseph Opio. He must have told him a lot about Uganda and the rolex.  


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