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“Trust me, no one will count me and my family and am ready to be arrested”… Frank Gashumba shares his thoughts on the national census



Business man Frank Gashumba has passed on a warning to all census officials who will try to approach him in the name of being counted. Gashumba was left frustrated after the census coordinator Francis Mashate warned that whoever dodges the census activity will face a fine of 600,000ugx or prison time.

Gashumba couldn’t hide frustration and took to Facebook: “Mbu Government will arrest people who won’t present themselves for Population Census Counting. Trust me, no one will count me and my family and am ready to be arrested. After counting me what happens, even if this regime lasted for the next 1000 years, it will never change the lives of people of Uganda. It’s another project for these Vampires to put up Apartments and hostels for their Kidz not to serve we Ugandans. If the Pope ordered for the Catholics in Uganda to be counted, i would be the first to be counted because i was born in a missionary hospital, Villa Maria Hospital and 80% of the schools I attended are Catholic Schools.”

Gashumba thoughts of the current Government are not hidden as he refers to it as corrupt and useless who only care about their personal needs.

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