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‘Tula Kumukeka’ To Unite Two Music Legends

We have seen many events come and go but never have we seen an event that has brought two music legends together for entertainment purposes.

Well ‘Tula Kumukeka’ event has done it as Afrigo band alongside Maddox Sematimba will be the main performers come October the 9th (Uganda’s Independence day) at Uganda Museum grounds located in Kitante-Kampala.


Maddox Ssematimba to Headline the first edition of Tula Kumukeka event

The first edition of the event as the name suggests is going to be a family day out with revellers carrying their mats, wrappers, eats and drinks to the venue.

Afrigo rocks

Afrigo Band set to perform on the first edition of Tula Kumukeka

According to Robert Ssekidde alias Tuff B, an artiste and main organizer of the event, the main reason behind the show is to resurrect vintage music.

“Tula kumukeka is going to be an annual event aimed at promoting local culture and resurrecting vintage music. There is no way you can mention Uganda music without the name Afrigo and Maddox coming up somewhere. These are the artistes who define our local music so we decided to bring them on as the main performers.” He said.

“We need to get away the white culture of Blankets and Wine and re introduce the culture of the 80’s.” Tuff B concluded.


Tuff B the organiser of the event

Tula Kumukeka is a Luganda word which is loosely translated as ‘sit on a mat’ and besides the two big artistes, other artistes who are yet to be named will also get a chance to perform at the event.



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