Two Times Guinness Book Of Records Holder Mano Ezoh Visits Uganda

Uganda is among the countries that people love visiting these days. Just last week, French Montana and Swae Lee were in the country where they even shot a video with ‘Sitya Loss’ kids but on Wednesday, we also received another guest but this one was not an ordinary visitor but a two time world Guinness book of records holder and artiste.

Mano Enzo, a German-based Nigerian artiste was in Uganda for two days in what he termed as a media tour.

He met with Ugandan bloggers, newspapers, websites and also appeared on programmes like the Beat among others to widen his fan base across the East African Region as he has already strengthened his name in Europe and the Western region. Besides that, he was also here to promote his S.O.S and Brand New Day songs as well.


Mano Ezoh in 2011 and 2015 registered the largest gospel choir in the world as well as the largest gospel choir in Europe.

He is a well-known singer, songwriter and vocal coach who has a natural ability to fill people with enthusiasm for singing. He is very famous in Europe and Africa. His emotional voice fascinates people all over the world and his songs – telling his very special story of life – help people living their own lives overcoming all obstacles and resistances.

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