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Tyler Perry, Mike Chibita Lined Up For Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit is just around the corner. The event, which has been in Uganda since 2008, will run from 25th to 26th of this month. Many head turning speakers will be on set, with high rated actor Tyler Perry and Mike Chibita forming part of that cast.

tyler perry 2

Tyler Perry will address attendees in a broadcast session

Tyler Perry has made his mark as an actor, especially for his Madea series. He is the man behind many movies, as an actor, scriptwriter, director or producer. He also owns the Tyler Perry studios. Come next week, he will be speaking in a video cast session, about “When Leadership Meets Inspiration”.

The Director of Public Prosecution Mike Chibita will also be in the house, and he will be speaking live to the audience about “Leaders managing conflict”.


DPP Mike Chibita is among the keynote live speakers

The summit will be hosted in a two-way format: There will be live speakers at the venue, as well as the telecast ones. The live speakers will be only two, in Chibita and Pastor Gary Skinner of Watoto Church.  The broadcast speakers will include Jim Collins, Pr Sam Adeyemi, Horst Schulze and Tyler Perry.

According to Emily Namutebi, one of the organizers, the summit will be interactive.

“After the video speakers, we shall have a facilitator who will take us through as we discuss what we have learnt. The facilitator will also take questions from the audience” she told Chano8.

sam adeyemi

Pr Sam Adeyemi will be another main broadcast speaker

The televised speakers were recorded in the US, but as Namutebi says, are still very relevant.

“The videos are recorded in such a way that the speaker is also directly addressing this audience” she added.

The summit aims at enhancing skills and inspiring the passion for leadership. A survey has shown that 86% of the participants learned team building skills that have increased their job satisfaction and productivity.

The summit will be held at Watoto Church (Down Town) on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th May 2016. Attendees will part with 20,000 shillings to cater exclusively for registration. Various types of foodstuffs will be on sale, with some entertainment from the Watoto Band.

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