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UBC TV’s Calvin Da Entertainer Still Going Strong After 8 Years

Calvin Da Entertainer real names Kalule Calvin Peter has been on TV for now eight years, He hosts a TV show dubbed Horizon Vibe that airs every Saturday on the State owned Television Station UBC. He recently held his ‘Take Over Party’ celebrating the eight years he has spent presenting on Television. Chano8 had a one on one with him and this is what he had to say.

Chano8: You have been on TV for now eight years, how has the journey been for you?

Its fan one with lots of experiences, career growth with lots of new stuff to learn every day.

Chano8: How does it feel being one of the longest serving staff at UBC?

It’s fulfilling knowing that am among those adding value to my station and of cause, nothing beats experience and longevity.

Chano8: How does it feel working as a TV presenter in Uganda?

It feels great working with a national broadcaster with the biggest coverage because am able to serve a big percentage of Ugandans in all regions that some times when I visit places like Northern Uganda, West, the love I receive is over whelming.

Chano8: You Recently Held a party celebrating 8years, tell us about how it went down in your opinion?

My 8th anniversary was successful, most of my loyal fans and friends turned up, musicians came through, performed and celebrated with me and also had a lot to say.

Chano8: Horizon Vibe is one of the most watched TV shows, how are you able to do this since you are the host?

Horizon Vibe sets the pace for most urban-TV musical shows in Uganda, it’s one of the oldest relevant entertainment shows, over the last 8 years we have been about quality. Me and my production team put in a lot of effort and that is why we have stayed on top of our game.

Chano8: What challenges have you faced working on TV?

The negative energy from people but fortunately I learnt how to turn that into positive because am ambitious and self driven.

Chano8: How do you overcome them?

My motto has always been to keep moving at all time, pay less attention to negative people because none of them understands your hustle like you do.

Chano8: Where should we expect to see Calvin in the next 8 years?

Bigger things ahead, am planning to start a TV production house, once all is set, you will be the first to know.

Chano8: What achievements have you got from being a TV presenter?

Quite a lot though I live a private life off TV but I must say am grateful and fulfilled.

Chano8: Do you plan on quitting TV for other careers soon?

Yes, some day I will but not so soon. I feel there is a lot of unfinished business on my time line though am sure some day I might concentrate more in production because to me media is a career.

Chano8: What do you do apart from presenting on TV?

I do farming and also run music and brand promotions for a number of artistes and other clients.

Chano8: As a presenter hosting a music show, how do you rate the Nigerian music eating up the market of Uganda’s?

As someone who does promo for both Ugandan artistes and other African artistes(Nigerians inclusive), I must say their music isn’t that exceptional but they invest a lot in quality and promotion, Ugandan artistes should do the same, music is a business, to thrive you need to have good strategy and the right people to sell your brand.

Chano8: Your worst moment (s) on TV?

(Laughs) when power blacks out while am during a live broadcast

Chano8: Your best moment on TV(s)?

Quite many but my debut on TV is my highlight and also interacting with the fans.

Chano8: What don’t your fans know about you?

I pray every day.

Chano8: Your last remarks for your fans and UBC TV fans.

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