Uganda Is Still On Track To Kick Out Tuberculosis By 2030 According To Uganda Stop TB Partnership Ltd

It is Still Possible To wipe out Tuberculosis completely out of Uganda by the millennium goal target of 2030

Tuberculosis (TB) is still one of the deadliest killer diseases in the world despite being one of the easiest to detect and diagnose, as well as being treatable.

However, it is also possible to eliminate it permanently out of Uganda by 2030. This is according to Dr. Paul Isiko the Executive Director Uganda Stop TB Partnership (USTP) Ltd who was speaking to journalists at a TB Orientation workshop held at Colline Hotel in Mukono on Thursday 22nd October 2021 .

Dr. Isiko however reiterated that this can only be achieved if stakeholders in the fight, work together especially the government through the Ministry of Health and the media fraternity by increasing the awareness among communities.

Dr.Isiko says there’s hope as the country is still on track to eliminate TB.

Madam Linda Ruva a Senior Communications Specialist from the Ministry of Health says there is now increased concerted effort through the use of diverse interventions like the use of different health centres at village levels where regular checks are done, regular community checks and awareness campaigns, and treatment as well as house-to-house checks.

Linda drives a point as she explains details about TB infection.

Mr. Jackson Kadumye, Senior Communications Officer- Ministry of Health agreed with his colleagues and asked the media fraternity to spread the word out there to create more awareness by taking advantage of the different platforms that they use.


While breaking down the statistics to paint a picture of how the country is performing in the fight against TB, Mr Kagwa Charles the TB and Leprosy Regional Representative for Central says although we haven’t hit our targets in the millennium goals for 2030, we as a country are not far off either.

The only problem is that covid-19 slowed down efforts and gains that had already been registered which now calls for doubling of efforts to regain the advantage in the war against TB.

The officials pose for a group photo with the journalists after the workshop.

The most alarming statistic is that 30 Ugandans who are mostly poor rural people die of TB every day yet there seems to be no noise made about it.

That is why there is a need to spread awareness about TB especially among communities and youth giving the fact that, one can be treated and completely get cured of the disease.

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