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Uganda Police Investigating The Source Of The Viral Pic That Shows Nursery Children Drinking

Following the release of nursery children drinking beer pictures going viral yesterday, Uganda police has intervened and asked for details of the school and the person responsible.

This photo of kids drinking has gone viral.

This photo of kids drinking has gone viral.

According to former police spokes person Judith Nabaakoba, the act is unacceptable and someone should be held accountable. “Dear colleagues, anyone with information leading to identifying the school shown in the picture should inform police or authorities. Children below the age of 18 years are not supposed to consume alcohol.”

The picture shows one boy taking beer while the rest are seated around a table with beer bottles on top while a certain lady waits to serve them.

It is still unclear if someone just jokingly posted it to get comments and likes but already the damage has been done.

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