Uganda Revenue Authority And Huawei Reach Out To Jinja Road Traffic Officers

Last week, Huawei and URA reached out to Jinja Road traffic officers with a donation of food items at the ‘URA@25 CSR day’.

The donation of approximately 100 carriers with Sugar, wheat flour, maize flour, soda, rice, bread, and soap among others was handed over to the officers by Uganda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Ms. Doris Akol and Huawei Chief Financial Officer Mr. Chen Jing.

“The URA@25 CSR day involved all URA staff in their respective stations to reach out to their communities to freely give back to them in whichever way we possibly could. Uganda Traffic Police contributed 11 billion shillings to 2015/2016 annual profit of the authority through road fines. The staff of URA and Huawei jointly contributed to give back a small token of appreciation to you”, says Ms Doris Akol, the Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority.


Miss Doris Akol (Right) the commissioner general Uganda Revenue authority (URA) and Chen Jing the chief financial officer Huawei Uganda handing over food to the Kampala Metropolitan Traffic commander.

She further commended the officers for their effort of maintaining good road behaviour in Uganda.

“We support Uganda Revenue Authority by reaching out to people to pay taxes; we also pay taxes as Uganda police. We are grateful for the two organizations for appreciating our work as the Uganda Traffic Police”, said Dr Stephen Kasiima, the Director of Uganda Traffic Police

 “It is Huawei’s commitment to always give back the country where we operate as responsible citizens. And it’s the same reason we have partnered with URA today to give to the Families of the traffic officer to make their lives better because they have always made our lives better while on the road”, says Chen Jing, Huawei Uganda’s Chief Financial Officer.


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