Ugandan Abraham Natukunda Nominated In Innovation Prize Awards For Africa

Abraham Natukunda, a young Ugandan studying at Carnegie Mellon Africa in Kigali, Rwanda has been nominated in this year’s Innovation Prize Awards For Africa. He is the brains behind e-nose, a sensor for processing tea. He is among the nominees who each get $5000 at this stage.

The Innovation Prize Awards focus on areas of manufacturing & service industry, agriculture/agri-business, health & well being, information communication technologies and environment, energy & water.

Abraham’s innovation applies an “eNose” and analytics platform to supplement current tea processing procedures using low power sensor devices to determine optimum levels of tea fermentation. An analytics platform receives and analyses the sensor data, providing real-time monitoring of key reactive elements and compounds during the tea-processing period, ensuring efficient traceability, prediction, and motion. This innovation will lead to improved control results in better tea quality, boosting marketability and increased revenue for tea processors from each bushel of tea harvested.

Other nominees are from Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Rwanda, Madagascar, South Africa & Benin and all have excellent innovations like TB & Hepatitis C detection apps, portable toilet, solar powered kiosks, and Vaginal Discharge kit among others.

Each year, 10 nominees are selected through a rigorous and validated process driven by an expert panel of judges. The top three innovations are selected and the winners receive a prize share of US$ 150 000 with each nominee receiving a US$ 5 000 voucher. Previous Uganda nominees include Samuel Otukol (water distillation system & process 2015 nominee) and Joshua Okello of WinSenga 2014 nominee.

We wish Abraham Natukunda all the best of luck!


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