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Ugandan Army To Start ‘Modelling’ Today

The Miss Uganda Foundation is set to launch today at the Common Wealth Resort Muyonyo.

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The initiative is to ensure the youth  get involved in agricultural production. The launch of Miss Uganda Foundation, which begins at 3 is themed: “Making Agricultural Entreprenuership Attractive to Young Women in Uganda.”

The launch of the Miss Uganda Foundation is set to share its plans with the public on how it can be part of the initiative and how they will be operating.

The Miss Uganda Foundation is also set to embark on a nationwide tour in order to sensitize people on the beauties of agriculture.

Gen Saleh, who was pleased with the suggestion of beautifying agriculture and gave it a go-ahead saying that all energies at securing Uganda’s food security were highly welcome.

There will be a one week boot camp in Namunkekera where people will learn about growing Maize, several other crops and on how to add value to them.

The Uganda People’s Defense Force took over the Miss Uganda beauty contests in order to attract young people into the agricultural sector so as to solve problems of hunger and poverty among the youth in the country.

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